Photography for me is not looking, it's feeling

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I’m a young tour guide and photographer from the village of Tinnit in the western Anti-Atlas in southern Morocco, a region known for its arid mountains and breathtaking landscapes. From a young age, I grew up with the mountains; its natural environment is where I learned to walk, play, and socialize. "Photography for me is among the practices in which I discovered myself and found my identity."

 Brahim Inknjtaoun

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AllCulturePortraitWildlifeLandscapeMountains ActivitiesNight

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Brahim’s photos are currently published on our travel agency website, as well as on the agency’s e-book guide 2020. Due to his high quality, I recommend working with Mr. Brahim Inknjtaoun.


Tour Operator Manager

Brahim has shown strong photography skills and artistic sense. Some photos and shots won the photo competition organized by the Meeting of International Canyoning 2019.

Koen Viaene

El Camino Manager

Brahim is a very passionate photographer interested in nature and mountains, environmentally conscious and is very active in the sustainable tourism field. I highly recommend this photographer for his talent, his know-how, and his perfection in his images. I wish him good luck!

Said Aoubraim

Founder of Club Photo Agadir

Brahim Inknjtaoun is a talented professional photographer. His artistic touch and his eye for photographic detail have made our projects in sustainable tourism successful. I highly recommend Brahim for his professionalism but also personal qualities.


El Founder of ADTME

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